How Minnesota Homeowners Can Maintain a Clean Air Duct and Vents

You always should have a thorough air duct cleaning process must be done by professionally qualified service companies. For the Minnesota homeowners that like to maintain upkeep in-between professional HVAC cleanings, there are a few steps you can take to help maintain the cleanliness of your heating and air conditioning system.

Always make sure to change your air filters regularly and make sure you have the right filters for your home and HVAC system. You should also have your system professionally inspected every one to two years to have a technician determine if your air ducts need to be cleaned. In between scheduled maintenance or inspections, you can do a visual check yourself by removing a wall or floor register and shining a flashlight inside the duct. If you can see debris, dirt or dust, it’s time to have your ducts cleaned by a licensed, insured HVAC professional.

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