Residential Air Vent and Duct Cleaning In Minnesota

Many homeowners continue to ignore air duct cleaning as they are not aware of the dangers of an unclean air duct especially when family members living inside the home are suffering from various allergies or are facing other health problems.

Project Challenges

The residents in this home were having troubles with air flow and concerned about the quality of their air in the home. The lack of air flow was due to a great deal of contaminants and air pollutants, such as dander, dust, and chemicals used in the home and get trapped with in the air ducts and vents and continue to build up.

How we solved them

  • Once the 10-inch vacuum hose is in connected in the ductwork we turn the truck vacuum on and this places your HVAC system under a negative pressure. Your air ducts become a central vacuum.
  • With compressed air in conjunction with air rods & agitation tools we push the debris to the main trunk line.
  • Next we pull the debris from the main trunk line to the vacuum hose and all the debris and contaminants are removed & filtered.
  • Clean the return side of the duct work with the same push-pull method using agitation tools.
  • Clean the A/C Coil
  • Clean the Heat Exchangers
  • Clean the Blower & Blower Motor
  • Clean the inside walls of the furnace and filter housing.
  • Patch any openings created and seal.
  • Total time needed to clean air ducts for a single system is 3-5 hours.