Joe cleaning furnace

Furnace Cleaning In Minnesota

Furnace maintenance is critically important to make sure your furnace is running correctly. A dirty or unmaintained furnace leads to a cold home in the winter and higher utility bills.

During your furnace cleaning appointment, we'll complete the following:

  • Clean the burners and heat exchangers
  • Properly clean the controls and safety devices
  • Examine electrical parts and clean if necessary
  • Confirm proper blower operation and airflow
  • Replace furnace filter or clean the filter if a new one is not available (outside of course!)

Furnace cleaning is important for several reasons. Benefits include:

  • Keep Your Family Safe
    Your furnace uses electricity or natural gas to create heat. Ensuring an environment without blockage and proper airflow is an important part of preventing furnace fires.
  • Lower Your Utility Bill
    You'll save money or your gas or electricity bill thanks to a furnace cleaning. Cleaning dust build-up helps your furnace to be efficient and save you money.
  • Reduces Chance of Breakdown
    The last thing you need is your furnace breaking down because it has to work too hard during the freezing Minnesota winter. A thorough furnace cleaning will give you peace of mind.
  • Improved Air Quality
    Your furnace, filter, and air ducts are filled with dust and debris that gets pushed into your house through the vents. A furnace and duct cleaning by Ducts Unlimited will tremendously increase the air quality in your home.