Dirty Air Duct

Clean air duct

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Dirty ductwork can result in poor indoor air quality that can result in debris coming from your vents, a dusty environment, high utility bills, and a decrease in the life of your equipment. In certain cases microbial or “mold” contamination within the air handler and ductwork has been linked to respiratory difficulties and skin rashes. An air duct cleaning will greatly help prevent these things. 

Minnesota is known for having some extreme temperatures. During extreme temperatures, air ducts see the most traffic. We think that qualifies your ductwork for a well deserved thorough and professional cleaning!

Warning signs that indicate air duct cleaning is needed:

  • Mold, fungus or other microbic growth
  • Air flow restriction due to buildup from dust, spider webs and other contaminants
  • Smelly or foul odors emanating from vents or HVAC system
  • Reoccurring illness or allergy episodes among family members
  • Evidence of vermin infestation
  • Continuous or constant air duct water damage