The Importance Of Dryer Vent Cleaning

Most homes have a clothes dryer. Some Homeowners don’t know about the dangers that can come from a dirty dryer vent.

Dryers heat up to extremely high temperatures and can be a fire hazard. Safety precautions and security measures need to be taken with your clothes dryer just like you do with any other appliances that produces heat in your home.

Dryers can cause risks other than just fires. When your dryer vent is clogged, it can be costly. It can also use more energy than normal. The material that sticks in the dryer vent can cause mold that can be a health risk to you and your entire family.

To avoid all these hazards, you will need to schedule a regular dryer vent cleaning. Ducts Unlimited recommends that you call to schedule a dryer vent cleaning at least two times a year. If you use your dryer daily you should clear out your dryer vents three or four times a year.

Dryer vent cleaning is necessary because the lint trap in your dryer does not capture all the lint produced when drying your clothes. As the moist air exits the dryer through the vent hose, small lint particles are carried along with it. The lint builds up on the inside the vent.

Over time the dryer vent lint will cause blockage and your energy consumption will increase as the dryer works harder and runs longer to dry your clothes.

Mold will eventually grow from the moist lint lining the dryer vent, and can spread through the air in your home.

Carbon monoxide may easily seep back into your home because of lint blockage with in your dryer vents.

Dryer vent cleaning is extremely important to the health and safety of your entire family. Even though you clean your dryer vent trap you don’t see or catch all the lint that leaks through and builds up. Call Ducts Unlimited today to schedule your dryer vent cleaning.

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